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PaintAudio MIDI Captain Foot Controller (GOLD)

PaintAudio MIDI Captain Foot Controller (GOLD)

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MIDI Captain is not just a MIDI controller, but a comprehensive musical performance assistant. With the ability to send Program Change (PC), Continual Change (CC), and Note commands, it empowers musicians with full functionality. Moreover, it offers fully customizable footswitches, a wireless MIDI MATE (optional) for fully wireless operation, and an innovative TIME Engine sequencer for recording and playback of footswitches actions. These features expand its applications to benefit a wide range of users, including guitarists and keyboardists of all skill levels. We will also continue to optimize its functionality and performance, and release the latest firmware updates here.
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The MIDI Captain may encounter error prompts or fail to boot due to format errors in configuration parameters, unexpected interruptions during firmware updates, or other situations. However, this does not mean that the machine is damaged or cannot be recovered. Please do not worry; referring to this document will always help you restore your device to its original state.


KPP SP Two-Way Rig Name Sync

This is a firmware package specifically designed to control the KPP. It communicates bidirectionally with the KPP through a USB connection, allowing it to retrieve the Rig Name and synchronize module states. Additionally, the firmware features consistent LED lighting effects with the KPP.

 It is important to empty the Recycle Bin in Windows or the Trash on Mac before proceeding with program updates. On an Apple Mac system, after you delete any files, empty the Trash and wait for 3-5 minutes to allow the background Trash emptying action to complete. Perform the operation of copying new files after this process is complete.

 Please check out my latest video introduction on my YouTube channel.

MIDICAPTAIN EN STD (4).png__PID:2018e686-5e34-4c72-8429-d166bb995534

Normal+Geek+Super 3in1 FW4.0

This is a program including FW3.5(Normal + Geek mode) and FW4.0(Super mode).

It is a 3in1 package.

Hold 2/3 Power ON -> Geek mode
Hold A/B Power ON -> Normal mode
Hold C Power ON -> Super mode

Backup your previous “setup” and “geeksetup” folder before updating and copy back after the updating.

It is important to empty the Recycle Bin in Windows or the Trash on Mac before proceeding with program updates.

MIDICAPTAIN EN STD (3).png__PID:a0ca52ca-6b6e-48f5-947a-c373b0cbb7ae

SuperMode FW 4.0

This is a program package containing only the latest SuperMode 4.0. SuperMode boasts powerful key customization capabilities and a rich array of control strategies. The pre-set 18 pages can meet the usage needs of most mainstream devices, including HX Stomp, FM3, Ampero Stomp 2, Quad Cortex DSP, Kemper Profiler Player, GT1000 core, as well as various general PC control, CC control, and MIDI control for software effects processors. (Apr. 2024). The FW package is compatible with blue/gold/black versions.

Videos are incoming.

MIDICAPTAIN EN STD (2).png__PID:96192a20-f32d-409c-9f53-a06ab8ea99bb

Firmware 3.5

Compared to version 3.04, version 3.5 mainly optimizes support for Kemper KPP, resolves the issue of USB-MIDI control delay, and will soon reintroduce support for the 10 Switch version of SuperMode. Stay tuned!

Please refer to the image aside for the method to upgrade to version 3.5. The process has been simplified compared to previous versions, with fewer steps involving the retention of the license folder. For those who accidentally lose their license file, you can directly restore it using version 3.5 without needing to follow the steps mentioned in FAQ Q20. (March 5, 2024)

MIDICAPTAIN EN STD.png__PID:b8d68d3e-ea3a-48e2-b389-8a548a87d27d

Manual 2.2 Download

Here you can download the PDF version of the latest manual. The physical product you received may include an earlier version of the product manual. As we continuously update the firmware of the device, there may be instances where the manual descriptions differ from the actual operation of the device. We appreciate your understanding.


Super Mode Guide

Please note that the instructions for this version may not be the latest. For the most up-to-date information, please refer to the txt introduction document included in the update package, which contains a more comprehensive introduction to the Supermode keyword design.


Firmware 3.04

New Update 3.04 Released on Apr. 17, Generally, the FW3.04 = Improved Normal Mode + Geek mode.

About the updating, you can refer to the following video and the FAQ-Q6 section at the end of this page.

The Geek Mode has been expanded to support 16 pages. Each page in Geek Mode is a group of all 10 keys with its own setup, similar to a preset in normal mode but can be change in use without restart.

In FW3.04, you can now assign LED colors in both Normal mode and Geek mode (See FAQ-Q14 at the bottom of this page).  The Tap function has been added in Normal mode(See FAQ-Q17 below), and the Scene LED action has also been added in Normal mode(See FAQ-Q18 below).

Video explain at my youtube channel
@Wilson-PaintAudio is on the way.


FW Update STEPs

1. Download the latest firmware package
2. Connect MIDI Captain to your computer using a USB cable. While powering on, press and hold the 1 button to enter USB setup mode. You should see the MIDICAPTAIN drive on your computer.
3. Delete all the contents from the drive, except for the "license" directory. On Windows, use Shift+Delete to permanently delete, and on Mac, empty the trash after deletion.
4. Copy and paste all the extracted files and folders into the emptied drive. On a Windows PC, this process may take approximately 5-7 minutes, while on a Mac, it may take 15-20 minutes. If prompted to overwrite during the paste process, click "Yes."
5. Once you have confirmed that all files have been copied, you can shut down the device. After a normal restart, the new firmware will be in effect.

Original Time Engine Function

The unique time engine design creatively achieved automatic control of complex key actions in playing. Prepare all the needed effects presets in one bank,recording the actions for once -and MIDI CAPTAIN do all the next time. Enjoy your music gigs in a much easier and relaxed way. (The Time Engine feature may limit the usage of some regular functions, but it is highly effective and straightforward for simple tone-switching scenarios.)

10 preset modes available and all of them can be fully customized

Based on common host device control requirements and application scenarios, We have designed 10 preset modes that are essentially ready to use. Additionally, you can easily adjust certain system function configurations and redefine the MIDI function of any footswitch based on the existing presets. You can then save these modifications as your unique presets. (We may continuously adjust and optimize the presets in different firmware versions, which may differ from the content displayed on this page.)

USB Deep Setup Mode

The setup can be fully customized by using the USB Deep Setup Mode. What's more, the device is subject to continually updating and increasing more functions. All you need do is to download the latest update package. In simple terms, updating the device firmware involves deleting the contents of this virtual USB drive (except for the "license" directory), and then copying all the files from the update package onto it. Afterward, you just need to restart the device to complete the update process.

Stable Powering

The elaborate production, long-duration buttons and stable powering design (charge via 9v/USB/Battery or combo for continuous use) combine the most reliable assistant of music playing. Different power supply interfaces such as 9V, USB, batteries, can be connected simultaneously without any concerns about damage or conflicts. Traditional 9V single-unit effects pedal power supplies can be used as long as they have a current capacity of at least 300mA, and there is no need to worry about power polarity.

Wireless Control

Equipped with 2.4G wireless module, the midi captain can pair 1 or N MIDI Mate adapter (Another product from PAINTAUDIO, which needs to be purchased separately). Despite not being compatible with common Bluetooth control protocols, this unique 2.4G system achieves better stability and lower latency.

Exquisite Design and Superior Quality

Optimized size is ultra-portable and equally suitable for foot control. Easy to take and use anywhere you play. For the first time, we have introduced long-lasting, high-quality mouse switches into the controller. We have also implemented meticulous force and load designs, ensuring that you can confidently use the buttons extensively without worrying about their lifespan or durability.


Lightweight, high-performance, and low-power consumption. The robust hardware and chipset provide greater room for long-term upgrades and optimizations of the device.

Best Combination

With MIDI MATE, you can achieve wireless control. You can even use multiple MIDI MATE devices together to control multiple devices simultaneously in a wireless manner.

With Foot Captain, you can convert conventional expression control pedals to continuous CC parameter control. If the controlled device supports it, you can control various continuous parameters, including but not limited to volume, wah effect, and other common controls.

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