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Foot Captain SWL Expression Pedal Tip/Ring Dual Outputs and Latched Switch Output

Foot Captain SWL Expression Pedal Tip/Ring Dual Outputs and Latched Switch Output

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The Foot Captain SWL is a compact and lightweight expression control pedal that maintains a proper foot feel. Its main feature is the combination of two output modes: Tip output and Ring output. With this, you no longer have to worry about compatibility issues between expression pedals and host devices. You can use the Foot Captain to control almost all effects devices, keyboard devices, and MIDI controllers available on the market. The SWL version comes with an extra latched switch output, which allows control of the effect module by a heavy stomp. The corresponding host device needs to have the switch input capability.
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Latched Switch Output 

Control the effects module by a heavy stomp

Configure the EXP Port
to Switch Input 

Manual Download 

Foot Captain Manual PDF download.


Tip Out & Ring Out ? All have 

Even though both the Tip and Ring outputs of expression pedals use the TRS interface, there have always been two different standards. If your expression pedal's interface standard is different from that of your host device, it won't be able to achieve full-range linear control.

The biggest issue is that we often don't know about this problem and simply complain about poor control effectiveness and the inability to calibrate. Now, with dual-standard compatible outputs, we no longer have to worry about this issue. Just give it a try, and there will always be one that works well.

With a design featuring a 25k impedance, it can perfectly adapt to almost all host devices available on the market.

Size Just Fits

We don't want to lose portability due to a design that is too large and heavy, nor do we want a design that is too small and lacks sensation and stability when stepped on. Therefore, its current size is the most appropriate.

A weight of 0.4 kg is also just right.

Shaft Position Optimization

The position of the shaft is actually a very important factor in achieving suitable ergonomic characteristics or, simply put, a comfortable foot feel during prolonged use. We have conducted numerous design and experimental attempts, and have had musicians with different foot sizes try them out for an extended period of time. Through this process, we have found the optimal position and lever ratio.

Swing and Damping Optimization

The angle of the pedal swing and the magnitude of damping are also key factors in achieving good control characteristics.

MIDI Control Partners

The Foot Captain works great in conjunction with the MIDI Captain and MIDI Mate. This combination of products allows for versatile usage during on-stage performances.

Size and Weight

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